Sabtu, 20 Mei 2017

                                         Education for Quality Improvement Nation

 best wishes for all of us. Improving the quality of the nation must be adopted and especially through education. Education is a long process, which ceaselessly to achieve one objective and open to new ideas and new concepts.

That is the meaning of education so that one day the results of the education that will foster a newculture of human intelligence. During the intelligent human, it has the wisdom and virtue in his soul.Only after that, he was able to master science and technology. New culture that is the counter-culture which is then entered into the order of a society (culture) alternatives to be chosen by thisnation.

Everything is well organized through education, education that can educate, able to cultivate virtuous and wise soul, and master of science and technology. That's the future that will transform the nation into a new Indonesia Indonesia. This would seem to be, for education in Indonesia.

The role of education, as a means of empowerment, must consciously prepare students in the life of society, both as individuals and members of society. Empowerment only has meaning if it becomes part of the empowerment process and function of culture. Therefore, education should foster spirit of independence, self-moving statements and educators teach students to live in harmony with respect to differences. Looking ahead, the education system must change from a motivational instructional achievement, creativity, and virtuous character.

Not to mention the shortage of teaching staff resolved the problem, the problem of inadequateeducational facilities come up, and following the high cost of education issues. We still feel as anation that remains in many ways compared to other nations. Therefore, the only way for the nation is to improve education in order to make an intelligent nation through comprehensive national education system and planned.

But to go in that direction, the road taken very long and difficult because the issue of education isstrongly associated with other factors, including the economy, security and other social issues. The teachers are expected to begin to change the way students learn. The teachers are no longer allowed to put pressure on students as rote learning and provides multiple choice questions (multiple choice) because it could have an impact on the formation of personality.

Wassalamualaikum Wr Wb,syalom. TERIMA KASIH