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Tutorial how to learn to play the guitar Self-taught
haiii, my name is Dia putra saragih I'll make a tutorial, self-taught how to play basic guitar.

Mastering the basics Chord preemptively
, first you have to do is to learn to play a key basic, basic keys: C, D, E, F, G, A and B, and A. You need to memorize and master keys. , The keys are very much played on several songs that use basic tone C, to learn self-taught guitar, you can read articles about Learning Key Fundamentals and Their Explanation of How to Play, Once mastered you can play a key basis with a smooth, Continue to the next stage

.Setting Guitar

Once you can play the basic chords, so learning self-taught guitar next is you should be able to tune the guitar. With, you can manage, then you do not need the hard difficulty asking for help from others. How to tune the guitar is also included in the quick way to learn guitar and learn guitar self-taught, therefore you need to master it, Read previous articles about tuning the guitar to equalize the sound, if string guitar rod itself perfectly, then the resulting tone is not the guitar off-key.Studying All Types Chord

This time you've been in the middle level to master the fast way to learn guitar so that you are ready to learn a variety of guitar chords. By mastering the many variations of the key, then the guitar you will also automatically become more varied and of course the rich tone. In addition, variations of chords you can make the atmosphere more songs. Once you have played a key basic grounding well done, It's time you learn what kind of chord to another.Learning the Keys Hanging

lock hanging / beam is actually a term for key guitar is played by placing the index finger on a string - a string of 5 or 6. In fact the key and the key block that used to have the same voice, which distinguish the characters in 'key file' strong, because all the strings are learning. To learn Cable Lock, Read Article About Learning Key Beams / Hanging.Choosing learn Gitar
Some self-taught guitar study guide, try at home.
already entered the top level, to blend the dulcet tones generated techniques needed to play guitar, guitar technique is technique. But before you learn this technique make sure you are able to master the various key guitar.Because this technique requires bending guitar finger picking and finger coordination should also be appropriate.I think that is enough to learn the guitar at the top,i am Dia putra saragih you can learn on their own without the need of an expensive private teacher because you can get it for free here.
So the study guide self-taught guitar, good luck at home.. Thank you