Kamis, 30 Maret 2017


                                            LIFE WITHOUT HOPE
Life is not going to escape from the demands that must be met. If in this life process does not have the orientation of the living will walk without direction, tossed around by circumstances. Their expectations can also be interpreted as a bow, at which time the confusion this life find then that becomes the starting point or the original destination is still back in the hopes that had been tersemai in you, so that by itself would arise within you to always achieve the hope-rise these expectations
saragih do au
Live with your expectations, and do not live with your despair. Rise up, your dreams more than anything else, because the dream and hope is the spirit of life that makes you better able to feel the joy of life nuance. Yesterday is a memory, now is the fact, tomorrow is hope. So seize your expectations better and useful. Hope it like a road in the woods. There was never any way. But if many people live, the way it came into existence.

hus my expression to motivate the people. Hope is a form of transformation on the journey of life. If the expectation is cut then the transformation process to a standstill and life would become unclear.

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