Jumat, 03 Maret 2017


I was one of the students UNTAN University {FKIP}

I will answer, why would I want UNTAN university education?

First I would like to introduce myself first before I give the reason why I set my heart to choose the economic education at the Faculty of the University of Tanjung Pura (UNTAN)). My name Diaputara Saragih I was born 1 September 1995 in Bangun Raya Medan, North Sumatra, and I graduated from high school (SMA) AirBersih Advent Medan. During education in high school, I never thought at all to continue my education at the faculty of economics education because the educational background I very opposite of this program. In high school, I majored in natural sciences is very different from the faculty that I took at the University of Tanjung Pura (UNTAN) economic education, because usually the people who took this faculty comes from people who have a background in IPS. This faculty is a division of the Faculty of Social Sciences, and at the beginning of the establishment has three majors with five courses. This faculty was formed to respond to community needs for human resources in the fields of economics and business. This faculty will produce human resources graduate education and non-education and business and economics can work in the field of education, corporate, hotel, or entrepreneurship.

Previously I had worked at the company PT. Indomarco Prismatama During one year, and I also worked in PT.fresh for 8 months, my reason to stop working Because I want to learn and focus with a lecture.

The second reason, many reasons why I am continuing education at the university. First Want To Be a teacher, although full-time teachers, risk and responsibility. I also have two choices between college or work when I graduated sma.Dan when I work and study at the university, I prefer college so I meinta out of work (company). Because of the principle in my work, I want to become permanent workers. I want to get the benefit of the nation. This may be the wrong intention. I pursue overly ambitious from the world rankings.

For reasons that follow, I have some sort of personal who can not manage my personal expenses in one month, I most like to play futsal and relax in my hobby kafedan relapse if I would be quickly depleted savings for everyday needs cost savings. think from time to time to study at the faculty of Economics, I hope to become more disciplined again in financial trouble. Managing money in and out in my everyday life.